All of our jewellery is made from Silver Plate or 18ct Gold Plate on Metal and Rosewood.  Our wood is ethically sourced, and will last forever if treated right. We like to keep our pieces as natural as possible; therefore we do not treat our wood. But because of this it does need some special attention.

We advise that you do not get it wet, as this will age the wood. Heat will dry out the wood so keep it in a cool place when not wearing it, and away from sunny windows or radiators. By storing it in its protective bag, you will protect the metal from scratching.

To keep the wood smooth and shiny it can be rubbed with an oil such as Linseed, Olive or even baby oil with a soft cloth. The same care can be applied to the silver or gold.

To keep it sparkling just rub the metal with a soft cloth to polish it.

Lastly but very importantly, please do not forget that our jewellery is made from a solid piece of natural wood. Do not try to force or bend it, be careful not to drop it and your beautiful piece of jewellery will last for a very long time.


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